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Qi - energy - is classified in TCM into different varieties:

Wai-Qi emission stimulates the energy of the recipient & can be likened to acupuncture without needles.
Areas of the body which have insufficient Qi can be boosted allowing the body's natural healing processes to be promoted.

Initial treatments

Treatment duration is 90mins & will explore your medical history and full range of symptoms before the actual treatment.

Follow up treatments

Treatment duration is 60mins & will be advised dependant on each individual case.

  • Initial Treatment (90 mins) - 60

  • Follow up Treatments (60 mins) - 60

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    Terapia Consultancy
    9 Coldbath Square,
    EC1R 5HL

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    Yuan-Qi - Source energy or congenital Qi is inherited from our parents
    Qing-Qi - Acquired energy - comprising Qi from the atmosphere & the nutrients we consume.
    Ying-Qi - Nutrient energy from our diet
    Wai-Qi - Defensive energy formed from the food we consume

    Wai-Qi emission video clips

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